A Website supporting the switchingview youtube channel - by Simon Dawson

In March 2023 I launched a new project building up on my research into Edward Carpenter's life and work. It is a youtube channel called switchingview.

The channel will host videos on the history of homosexuality, especially the history of homosexuality in relation to the Christian Church. I want to push back against Christian patriarchal and heteronormative views, and instead argue that the world, and the Bible, is much more strange, sexual and queer than many people think.

I will not just look at history. I will also ask how we study history, and how do we tell stories from the "underside" of history - stories that have been lost, or suppressed, by those in power.

The first project is called "Intermediate Types", and is very much inspired by Carpenter's ideas in his 1914 book Intermediate Types amongst Primitive Folk. Other projects will follow in due course.

This website has been created to support the youtube channel, and to host information about the videos I plan to produce.

The first video was uploaded in March 2023. This is simply a video-biography of Edward Carpenter himself. Such a video will be a helpful background to my own work. "Intermediate Type" videos will be uploaded through 2023 and 2024. THis website will be updated and expanded at the same time as the videos are uploaded.

The Youtube channel can be found at switching view.

For more about Carpenter look at my own Edward Carpenter website, which hosts a copy of the book Intermediate Types

My own personal website is at simondawson.com, and you can contact me via the Comment and Feedback page.